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There are many details to consider when planning your event.  Our staff has collected the most frequently asked questions and provided answers to assist you with your planning.

Dates and Contracts

Is my date available?

Saudé Creek’s calendar is managed by our Events Manager, who oversees all facility rentals and the booking of all events. You can email them at

How long can you “hold” my date?

Saudé Creek does not “hold” dates within the current calendar year.  The date is reserved only at the time of contract signing and deposit submission.  

How soon do I need to contract/reserve the venue?

Certain seasons are very popular.  May/June and September/October are peak times for outdoor weddings and dates fill quickly.  Saudé Creek recommends that you contract for your desired date as early as possible to secure it.  

Can I cancel my event?

Yes, cancellation policies are listed in our guidelines.

Outdoor Venues

Do you have outdoor venues for ceremonies and events?

Yes, we have outdoor venues on property which include a pergola, amphitheater, and multiple deck/patio areas.

Is there plenty of parking?

Yes, we have several parking lots and overflow in grass areas adjacent to the parking lots.

Do you offer a backup indoor venue for inclement weather?

Yes.  Depending on the size of wedding and time of day other alternatives within the winery might be available.


When is my price guaranteed?

Your pricing is locked in place when a signed contract is submitted with the required deposit.

Do you offer any military discounts?

There are currently no additional discounts for military personnel.

Logistics and Vendors

What are the event hours?

All events inside the winery MUST start after 6:30pm. Outside porches and deck areas are available immediately after closing; however, the main tasting room requires 30 minutes to set up after our 6:00 pm closing.   Events at our pergola or outdoor stage may start at 6:00 p.m.   

Is a ceremony rehearsal included?

A one-hour block of time may be reserved for rehearsals the day before the event. Rehearsals lasting more than one hour will require a service fee of $100 per hour.  All wedding rehearsals must be scheduled with the Saudé Creek Events Manager.

Is there an area for the wedding party to use?

Yes, the bride and her wedding party will have exclusive use of an area adjacent to our upstairs loft two hours before the rental time.  If you would like the loft for a longer period of time prior to your event you may rent it at $50 per hour.

Can I use a caterer not on your preferred vendor list?

Yes, we do not require the use of caterers on our preferred list.  All caterers must provide Saudé Creek with a copy of their business license, health certificate and certificate of liability with Saudé Creek Vineyards listed as secondary insured.  Caterers will be allowed into the winery area to begin preparation three hours before the event.  No setup can take place in the winery until 1 hour before the event and cannot interfere with the normal day to day operations of the winery.  Caterers are allowed to use our kitchen to stage only.  No cooking is allowed to take place in our kitchen.  Caterers are required to remove all trash at the end of the event.

When can my cake be delivered to the winery?

Wedding cakes may be delivered to the winery any time after opening on the day of the event but we encourage clients to arrange for the delivery to happen as close to the event time as possible.  Saudé Creek does not have adequate space in which to store cakes that need refrigeration.  Clients need to plan accordingly.

Am I required to hire an event-coordinator?

When a ceremony is being held on the property of Saudé Creek, we require that you have a wedding coordinator. This can be a professional planner, a friend or family member. We are happy to assist but cannot be fully responsible for overseeing the ceremony, set up, or take down.

Do you include chairs for the ceremony?

Yes.  We currently have approximately 75 white padded folding wedding chairs.

Do you have tables and chairs for receptions/events?

Currently no additional tables are available for use.  Clients are encouraged to use the wrought iron tables and chairs that are currently in place.  Those tables/chairs however, must remain as currently set up, unless other arrangements are made in advance with the Events Manager.

What are the set up/breakdown policies for rented equipment?

Saudé Creek is not responsible for setup of outside rental equipment. Rented equipment must be moved to a central location at the end of the event.  Pickup of all outside rental equipment must be completed by the end of the first business day after the event.

Do I have to hire a florist or can I decorate myself?

You are not required to hire a florist for your centerpieces and decorations. If you choose to create them yourself, we require that you arrange for a person or persons to arrive early to set up all items as well as breakdown and package all items at the conclusion of the event. If the winery staff has to handle these items, there will be an additional charge.  There is no cooler available for flower storage at the winery.

Can we drop items off before the event?

Saudé Creek has a limited amount of storage space.  We will make every attempt to accommodate drop off of items the day of the event; however, please be advised that we will not be held responsible for any items delivered and stored at our facility, including floral arrangements.  We do not have a refrigerated area for flowers.  All drop-off requests should be made through the Events Manager.  All items must be removed from the venue at the end of the event.

Do we have to remove our personal items after the event?

Yes, personal items must be removed at the end of the event unless arrangements have been made with the Events Manager prior to the event.  All outside rental items must be picked up on the first business day after the event. The client is responsible for removal of all decorations and clean up at the conclusion of the event unless prior arrangements have been made. Clean up must be complete within 30 minutes after your event. We require that all decorations are removed in order for us to properly clean for the following business day.  

Can I have my Bridal Portraits done at Saudé Creek?

Yes, you must schedule a time with our Events Manager. We do not allow portrait sessions to be done on weekends.


Do I have to purchase a wine package?

There is not a mandatory wine purchase; however, you can only serve Saudé Creek wine.  Saudé Creek offers a 15% discount on wine purchased for the contract holder.  Wine purchases by your guests will be at our regular prices.

How long will you serve wine, champagne or beer?

ABC laws require us to stop serving at the conclusion of your event which is the ending time stated in your signed contract.  We do not make exceptions to this policy. Beer is not allowed to be consumed after this time.

Can I have liquor?

No.  Because we are a farm winery, current ABC laws prohibit the use of liquor at the winery.

Can I bring in my own beer, champagne & soda for a loft rental?

No, beer and champagne may not be served during normal business hours. Non-alcoholic drinks are welcome for your guests.

Can I bring in my own beer, champagne & soda for a wedding?

Yes, we can serve beer and champagne at no additional charge and soda can be available for your guests.  Bottles or cans must be used inside the winery. We do not have glassware for beer, champagne or sodas.  You must rent these items from an outside vendor, if needed.  In order to have beer at the winery, you must procure a temporary ABC license permit through the Virginia ABC website.  A copy of the license must be on file at the winery 14 days prior to the event.  It is the responsibility of the client to adequately chill all beer, champagne or soda prior to the event.


How many staff members will be available for my event?

Saudé Creek will provide staff members to serve your guests based on the number of guests invited.  Saudé Creek staff members are responsible for bar service only.  All table service and cleanup will be the responsibility of the client and/or caterer.

Is a gratuity required?  Yes, a 10% gratuity will be added to all contracts.